5 Reasons Cartier is On Top in China

According to a recent report by Jeff Miller on Diamonds.net, “China’s high-net-worth community selected Cartier as the ”best of the best” jewelry brand this year as well as for the ”best jewelry replica watch” (click here for complete article).

So what is the secret behind Carrtier’s success in China?

Well as I was contemplating the answer to this question, I came across a brilliant SlideShare presentation titled “Cartier’s Success in China” (click here to view it) by Juliana Loh, Founder & Director of JLOH Communications Ltd, posted in February 2013. Even though in Internet Years that may sound a long time ago, I thought that Loh’s conclusions are still very much relevant, and do explain why Cartier is still on top in China today…

Reason #1: Socialism is Significant

It’s no secret that China has a socialist market economy, based on an open-market economy and on enterprises owned by the state. Campaigns and events were successful because Cartier worked on its relationships with the government.

Reason #2: Language Lures

Cartier presented culture, heritage and history in a way that spoke to the hearts and minds of the Chinese. After all, the Chinese culture is a culture rich in tradition, values and history, so if Cartier did this right, it was sure to win over its target market.

Reason #3: Media Matters

Cartier successfully used the online/digital media to draw in consumers. For example, in June 2012, Cartier placed ads on The New York Times China website to promote its Tank collection.

Reason #4: Celebrities Sway

The Chinese were swayed by celebrity endorsements that were well thought out by Cartier. For example, Cartier used Khalil Fong, a local Hong Kong celebrity to endorse its Love collection.

Reason #5: Responsibility Reigns

Cartier practiced Corporate Social Responsibility with local Chinese communities, and the Chinese liked that. Indeed, according to Susan Scarlata, a Writer, Editor and Professor specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Communist Party’s line is that no matter how the overall economy is doing, it still pays for corporations to be responsible in the long term. One official is quoted as saying “irresponsible enterprises cannot escape the heavy toll of the economic crisis.”

(Click here for Scarlata’s complete article. It’s fascinating.)

So perhaps Reason #5 is the real reason Cartier continues to top the Charts in China, even in its current economic climate? Maybe. 

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