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A client, as the business inexplicably likes to call him walks right into a boutique, requesting “something flashy — but not tasteless… I heard from last time.” Seating plus a glass of bubbly is available and moments later he’s the boutique’s team hand one of these beauties over using their white gloved hands — for their lowly human skin isn’t allowed to touch such precious materials such as almost-pure platinum, or sapphire. As the place lamps shine down upon this setting like stars in the skies, the watch reflects light back at the customer, blinding his eyes, keeping them out of focusing on the ever-so-small price tag tucked away neatly on the inside of their strap.His eyes, so tired from witnessing the plebs go about their own lives as he rolls past them in his tinted Maybach, do their absolute best to glimpse behind the curved and non-AR-coated crystal, desperately searching for your feast they could feel is anticipating. Their attempts give great rewards: nine enormous, baguette-cut diamonds sparkle back at them “in the vicinity of a fifth of a carat,” his trained nouveau riche eyesight makes him whisper and the staff almost claps in appreciation. They are roughly 0.23ct.As a viewing angle is located at which the whole ceiling and the remainder of the store is not reflected back in the client, a dial at a vibrant, nevertheless noble color of blue starts to show itself, set alight by a subtle sunburst finish. Seconds later, it becomes evident, the 5170P isn’t about the dial colour, but about these splendid baguette diamonds — which, to be fair, put up an honorable fight against the reflections since they overly scatter light in a thousand ways.Diamond markers be a divisive power among watch fans. Those with a more faint confidence in their flavor (or something different, maybe?) Actively seek the chance to overreact and, as such, consider even the suggestion of diamond markers for a personal assault.

A two-day event dedicated to Breguet took place last week in Manila, organised by the watch retailer Lucerne, with SJX as the guest speaker. The purpose of the event was to detail Breguet’s unparalleled status as one of the most important historical names in watchmaking, while today being a manufacturer of exceptionally innovative, even cutting edge, complications.

Over 50 key clients of Lucerne and two dozen journalists attended the three sessions, hosted by Ivan and Emerson Yao. The brothers run Lucerne, the Philippines’ leading retailer of fine watches. They were joined by Martin Ganz, Breguet’s Vice President for Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Mike Lou, the watchmaker’s PR consultant in Hong Kong.

The event took place in the New World hotel located in Makati, the Philippine capital’s business district 

Emerson Yao (right) and Martin Ganz (centre) with a client

Breguet showcase Manila October 2016 - 9

Emerson Yao explaining the magnetic pivots of the Breguet Classique Chronometrie

Each session opened with a 30-minute talk by SJX in two parts. First was telling the stories that fill Breguet’s past, like the saga of the Marie Antoinette pocket watch stolen by an international thief.

That was followed with a rundown of the brand’s crucial complications, including the landmark Classique Chronometrie 7727 and ingenious Tradition Chronographe 7077, which are amongst the most technically interesting wristwatches on the market today, but not widely appreciated or understood.


Breguet showcase Manila October 2016 - 7

Breguet showcase Manila October 2016 - 12

The Breguet showcase was the first event of its kind organised by Lucerne, but it won’t be the last. According to Emerson Yao, the retailer plans to repeat such events to further enhance knowledge and appreciation of mechanical watchmaking in the Philippines.

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